Things to Do in Cincinnati

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View of Downtown Cincinnati from the Newport, KY.

With many wonderful parks to explore, music to which to listen, art to inspire, and food to taste, Cincinnati provides multiple options for Things To Do. If you are short on time, and want an idea of how to make the best of a weekend in Cincinnati, check out The New York Time’s  “36 Hours in Cincinnati”. It includes:

  • Art and Museums
  • Parks
  • Shopping & Sights
  • Food and Drinks
  • Breweries
  • Live Music
  • Transportation

Art and Museums

Union Terminal Robert Webber
Dusk at Union Terminal. Source: Robert Webber

From museums and hotels to mural walks, enjoy the numerous opportunities Cincinnati offers to inspire you.



Bellevue Park Fall 2011_Cincinnati Park Board
Source: Cincinnati Parks-Bellevue Hill Park

Although a pretty large city, Cincinnati has made nature a priority. There are many parks throughout Cincinnati that offer different beautiful views, riverfronts, and opportunities to explore. Grab a cup of coffee and walk through one of Cincinnati’s iconic parks. For a full list of the Cincinnati Parks and locations, click here.

Parks with a View:

  • Alms Park
  • Bellevue Park
  • Twin Lakes at Eden Park
    • In this park you can find: the Cincinnati Playhouse, the Cincinnati Art Museum, and the Khron’s Conservatory($4)
  • Mt. Echo Park
    • Other than a spectacular view of downtown, the Ohio river, and the hills of Kentucky, you can swing by the Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired shelter found at the center of the park.

Other Parks to Explore:

Washington Park_2acre Expansion
Washington Park (OTR)

Parks along the riverfront:


Shopping and Culture

Findlay Kelly lanser
Source: Kelly Lanser

Shopping and sightseeing in Cincinnati overlap. While shopping, you experience the different wonders of the diverse, eclectic city.

Check out some of the neat locations:

COC with star trails by Keith Allen_Keith Allen
PC: Keith Allen–Cincinnati Observatory


Food and Drink

Food and Drink.jpg
Source: Jonny Swales

When it comes to food and drink, it is hard to go wrong in Cincy. Sometimes it’s even hard to choose where to start!

variety of cooked dishes
Source: Burst on


  • Hangover Easy (Clifton-Short Vine)
  • Taste of Belgium (OTR & Clifton-Short Vine)
  • Tucker’s Restaurant (OTR)
  • French Crust Cafe & Bistro (OTR)
  • First Watch (Downtown)
  • Wild Eggs (Downtown)
  • Cheapside (Downtown)

International Cuisine

  • Mecklenburge Gardens (German Cuisine, Clifton–Highland Ave)
  • Corinthian Restauraunt (Traditional Greek & Italian Cuisine, Clifton–Jefferson)
  • Baladi Restaurant & Bakery (Syrian Cuisine, Clifton-Clifton Ave)
  • Tea N Bowl Asian Food and Bubble Tea (Asian Cuisine, Clifton–McMillan)
  • Ambar Indian Restaurant (Northern Indian cuisine, Clifton–Ludlow)
  • Darou Salam African Halal Restaurant (Senegalese cuisine, Northside)
  • Caribe (Caribbean Cuisine, Clifton-Short Vine)
  • Sartre OTR (French Dining, OTR)
  • Bauer Farm Kitchen (French-German Cuisine, OTR)
  • Ché (Artisanal Argentine Cuisine, OTR)

Skyline Chili, Source:

Classic Cincinnati Dining

  • Dewey’s Pizza (Clifton-Ludlow)
  • Skyline Chili (Almost on every corner, Clifton-Ludlow)
  • The Eagle (Over-the-Rhine)
  • Salazar (OTR)
  • Senate (OTR & Blue Ash)
  • Maplewood Kitchen & Bar (OTR)


Dining, close the UC main campus

  • Elephant Wok (Clifton-Calhoun)
  • Keystone (Clifton-Calhoun)
  • Druken Tacos (Clifton-Calhoun)
  • Druken Bento (Clifton-Calhoun)
  • Piology (Clifton-Calhoun)

Source: Miker Sweeney


  • Graeter’s Ice Cream (Clifton-Ludlow, Downtown, almost on every corner)
  • J-Petal (Clifton-Calhoun)
  • The Sweet Place (Clifton-Short Vine)
  • O Pie O (Walnut Hills)
  • Macaroon Bar (OTR)
  • Quaintrelle Confections(OTR)
  • Buzzed Bull Creamery (OTR)
  • Holtman’s Donut Shop (OTR)

Coffee Shops

  • Rohs Street Cafe (Clifton-Rohs St.)
  • Highland Coffee House (Clifton–Highland Ave)
  • The 86 Coffee Bar & Concert Venue (Clifton-Jefferson)
  • Collective Espresso (OTR)
  • Deeper Roots Coffee (Oakley and OTR)
  • Lola’s (Downtown)
  • 1215 Wine Bar & Coffee Lab (OTR)
  • Lydia’s (Clifton-Ludlow)
  • Coffee Emporium(OTR and Oakley)
16 Bit
Source: CityBeat-016 Bit Bar & Arcade


  • Murphy’s (Clifton-West Clifton)
  • Brass Tap (Clifton-Calhoun)
  • Arlin’s (Clifton-Ludlow)
  • Fries (Clifton–Jefferson)
  • 16 Bit Bar (OTR)
  • The Rook (OTR)
  • 9 Giant (Oakley)
  • Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar (Covington)



Breweries Cincinnati.jpg
Source: Rawpixel

You thought deciding where to eat was hard? Well, wait until I give you your brewery options. Also, I heard recently on the radio that Cincinnati was ranked the third best city in America for beer lovers! It has a total of 34 breweries!

These are just the beginning. If you would like a more extensive list click here.

Live Music

Source: Lance Adkins

Music is a huge part of the Cincinnati spirit. Check out the calendar for these different venues. Maybe you will find something that interests you.